Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton

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Published on Mar 13, 2013
On the 19th of July in 2011 the National Press Club of Australia held a debate on climate change. In this video I will be analysing the claims Monckton made during the debate and if they are correct or not.

The reason I’m doing this is that Monckton challenges his critics to check his sources, or like he put it in this debate “to do your homework”. I’m going to follow him up on this to see if the scientific literature, and other available sources, corroborate what he’s saying.

A full transcript of this video is available on my website The transcript has been split up in the different claims made by Monckton and are listed in chronological order. On the page for each individual claim you will also find a full listing of all the sources I used for that particular section of the video.

I hope you will find this video interesting and informative.

Please note that this is the main release of the full length analysis. The individual sections/chapters of this video will be uploaded in the coming days/weeks. Please keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you prefer a more manageable length for your videos.

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